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Diamond Sponsor:

SpiderOak is a U.S.-owned and operated software company that delivers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for civil, military, and commercial space operations. Our commercially available products are built upon a foundation of zero-trust encryption and distributed ledger, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your most sensitive data in the space domain. 

For more information about SpiderOak products, services, or business development opportunities, check us out at https://spideroak.com.

SmallSat Alliance Cocktail Reception: 

TransAstra is developing revolutionary dual-purpose technologies and businesses in four core areas to enable large-scale industrial asteroid mining: Detect, Maneuver, Capture, and Process. Our Sutter telescope system is redefining object detection in cislunar space. The Worker Bee spacecraft enables the swift delivery of substantial payloads to xGEO. We have Flytrap Capture bags to secure uncooperative space objects, and we utilize our Optical Mining™ technology, employing sunlight, to process space debris and asteroids.

Platinum & Networking Sponsor: 


With a vision of delivering ubiquitous connectivity across land, air, and sea, ALL.SPACE provides warfighters with assured communications across multiple orbits and networks, resulting in a more agile, efficient and secure SATCOM environment on the battlefield. Our SMART terminal simultaneously delivers full-performance connections across all significant orbits from a single device. We converge infrastructure, networks, edge computing and intelligent routing for enhanced situational awareness, leading to quicker decision-making and operational superiority. Learn more at https://www.all.space/.

Platinum Sponsors: 

Millennium Space Systems Logo

Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing Company, is a small satellite prime, delivering high-performance constellation solutions for National Security Space. Founded in 2001, the company’s active production lines and 80% vertical integration enable the rapid delivery of small satellites across missions and orbits – LEO, MEO and GEO.

Neuraspace is a European-born space traffic management (STM) leader with the goal of achieving space sustainability and combating space debris with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company has developed an advanced STM system using AI for monitoring (spatial awareness) and preventing collisions in space. Through this end-to-end automated solution, the Neuraspace platform solves the issue of space traffic at large. To know more, please visit www.neuraspace.com or check out our LinkedIn.

Gold Sponsor: 

Atomos pulled logo

Atomos is developing orbital transfer vehicles that reduce the cost of access to space by fostering greater ridesharing in launch vehicles. We allow payloads to reach unique destinations on orbit without requiring their own heavy, expensive (high delta-v) propulsion systems. With our rendezvous and capture technology, we can also redeploy satellites to new missions, expanding their capabilities without reducing orbital lifetime.


agile black

Agile Space Industries is an in-space propulsion solution provider, specializing in hypergolic chemical systems. Agile has industry leading expertise in the design of chemical-propulsion rocket thrusters. Rapid prototyping, development, qualification, and delivery is catalyzed by in-house additive manufacturing and engine test capability. The company employs more than 65 people between facilities Colorado and Pennsylvania that specialize in component, system development, test, and additive manufacturing.

Redwire is a global leader in mission critical space solutions and high reliability components for the next generation space economy, with valuable intellectual property for solar power generation, in-space 3D printing and manufacturing, avionics, critical components, sensors, digital engineering and space-based biotechnology. It combines decades of flight heritage with an agile and innovative culture. The company’s “Heritage plus Innovation” strategy enables it to combine proven performance with new, innovative capabilities to provide its customers with the building blocks for the present and future of space infrastructure. For more information, please visit redwirespace.com.

Media & Association Partners:


Elara Nova is a global professional services firm advancing business and government agencies maximize their strategic advantage in national security space.  Elara Nova creates unparalleled value for our clients and the warfighter, allies, and partners they serve.  The team is comprised of Senior Leaders that have decades of government and private sector experience in space strategy, operations, acquisitions, engineering, technology, and policy to build comprehensive solutions that support our clients’ success.  


GeoConnexion Magazine, Digital edition, Website and Newsletters bring you the latest News and Stories/Reports from GeoTechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa,NorthAmerica/Canada and Asia. Sign up now! Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphasis on Healthcare, Public Safety, Retail, Environment, Utilities, Surveying, LBS, Transport/Logistics, Telecommunications and More.. www.geoconnexion.com


GSOA is the only global non-profit association of the entire satellite ecosystem that brings members together and serves as the premier platform for worldwide collaboration. As the only CEO-driven satellite association in the world, GSOA takes the lead in addressing global challenges, seizing opportunities, and providing a unified voice for the satellite industry. Our vision is to help policymakers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, health, social, gender and economic divides across diverse geographies and across mature and developing economies. GSOA is widely recognised as the representative body for satellite operators by international, regional, and national entities, including regulators, policymakers, standards-setting organizations.

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The Mobile Satellite Users Association is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the interests of the millions of users of satellite services for mobile communication, navigation, and safety worldwide. The association fosters the exchange of news, information, and ideas among and between users, suppliers of equipment and services, operators of satellite systems, and the various entities affecting the future of the industry. MSUA sponsors the annual Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards, celebrating the top anticipated and market-proven advancements in satellite services, and collaborates with conference organizers around the world to shape and facilitate conference programming dedicated to the users of satellite services. We invite you to join MSUA and to take part in our community. Visit msua.org to learn more.


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SatNews is a leading provider of satellite events, news, publications, and industry information in commercial/military worldwide. SatNews publications include Daily and Weekly News Service and monthly magazines- SatMagazine MilsatMagazine. satnews.com.


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Established in 1989, SpaceNews is the most trusted and comprehensive source of news and analysis of the companies, agencies, technologies and trends shaping the global space industry. Space professionals rely on our experienced reporters to deliver timely, accurate and engaging coverage of civil, military and commercial space program. Please visit www.spacenewsawards.com for tickets to the SpaceNews Icon Awards on December 5th.