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As the global leader in small satellite launch, Rocket Lab is opening access to space. Rocket Lab is an all-inclusive satellite build and launch service with a strong heritage of 100% mission success for our customers. Rocket Lab is headquartered in Huntington Beach and operates launch sites in New Zealand and Virginia, USA, that combined can support up to 130 launches per year.

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Our Vision: ROCCOR® envisions our Nation’s commercial and military space assets made up of high-performance satellites enabled by simple, reliable, and low-cost space structure technologies.

Our Mission: To enable next-generation, reliable, and low-cost deployable structures (booms, solar arrays, and antennas) thereby reducing the cost of access to space.

Our Approach: We balance providing support services to the spaceflight community with in-house spaceflight product development activities, all focused on enabling next-generation deployable spacecraft components and structures.


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SatNews is a leading provider of satellite events, news, publications, and industry information in commercial/military worldwide. SatNews publications include Daily and Weekly News Service and monthly magazines – SatMagazine, MilsatMagazine,